City of Buchanan





November 13, 2012


Attendance:  Mayor Pro-Tem:  Kenny Hughes.

Council Members:  Patricia Warren, Patty Hutcheson, Donald Rainey.


Department Heads: City Clerk Karen King, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Tracy Lambert.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes: called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes welcomed everyone.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes leads Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes asks for invocation.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes asks to accept the agenda for tonight.  Patty Hutcheson made motion to accept the agenda for tonight.  Motion carried 4-0.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes asks to accept the minutes from Council Meeting October 12, 2012 and Public Hearing October 30, 2012.  Patricia Warren made a motion to accept the minutes from Council Meeting October 12, 2012 and Public Hearing October 30, 2012.   Patty Hutcheson seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.


Public Participation:


Jana Gentry (Library)


Library is very busy right now due to Bremen being temporarily closed because of construction.  E-books are working out really well Library is now offering a one hour course on computer basics.  Getting ready for festival of trees asks for trees to be put on display they will be voted on viewing of the trees will be week after Thanksgiving and a twenty five dollar prize will be awarded for people’s choice there will be a bake sale and will invite the elementary school chorus sing.


Iris Badgett (DBR)


Trying to coordinate supper with Santa to happen during festival of trees supper with Santa will be at 6:30 Santa will arrive around 5:00.







Department Updates:


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes asks for the department updates:


Public Works Director Dean Tanner:


Hopes to finish putting up Christmas decorations this week they started putting up last week working on wiring in the building for the rec department.  USDA will be here tomorrow talking numbers and how things will work for the USDA loan.


Police Chief Tracy Lambert:


Graduated first police academy and four graduates are here tonight would like to try to have police academy once a year. 


City Clerk Karen King:


Presents council with packet asks that the document for Christmas dinner be turned back in as she will need to give Phat Phil a head count on how many will be attending.    Legislative day with the chamber will be December 4, 2012 Buchanan time is 9:00 a.m. asks Donald Rainey to fill out paper work for newly elected officials class and get it back to her as soon as possible because the class fills quickly and if you don’t get in there you have to travel all the way to Tifton.  Asks for clarification on clean and lien since there more than one ordinance regarding clean and lien exists.  Insurance company Travelers has sent bill that stems from woman suing for false arrest and we are being told that because of deductible we will have to pay it council says to wait for breakdown on bill not to pay just because we are being told we owe it now call and request itemized copy.   Sandra Fox from muni code emails as you can see is stating that our legal council needs to step up and finish codifying.  Updates council on how much has been moved and spent so far from the park fund. 


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes updates council on playground equipment he has negotiated for a month and feels he now has their bottom price.


Mayor Pro-Tem Hughes asks for a motion to adjourn.  Patricia Warren makes motion to adjourn.  Donald Rainey seconded motion.  Motion carried 4-0.