City of Buchanan




Minutes of Regular Council Meeting


                                            April 12, 2016


Mayor:  Johnny Pope


Council Members:  Stanley Freeland, AJ Scott, Greg Lane were present.  Patty Hutcheson not present.

Department Head: City Clerk Karen King, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Chad Henderson.

Mayor Pope: Called the meeting order.  Mayor Pope asks Stanley Freeland to lead the invocation.  Mayor Pope led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Pope: Ask for a motion to approve the agenda. AJ Scott made a motion to approve the agenda.  Stanley Freeland seconds the motion.  Motion carried with 3-0.

Mayor Pope: Ask for a motion to approve the minutes from the March 8th Regular Meeting and March 29th Work Session.  AJ Scott made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections he spoke with Karen about. Stanley Freeland seconds the motion with corrections.  Motion carried 3-0.

Public Participation:

Greg Yates with Metro Atlanta Financial Group:

Greg talked about the Wellness Program offered by Humana Healthcare and the benefits for the employees and the city if they participate in it.  Yates said, on the Wellness Program there is a biometric screening which each employee will participate in and it will be of no cost to the city.  The employees will receive points each time they give blood, have blood work and wellness check-ups, quit smoking and there are many other ways to earn points.  The overall savings to the City could be as much as $7,000-$10,000 dollars a year or 7-10% in savings on premiums each month.  Since Buchanan has such a small group of employees they will join the county when Humana schedules health assessments in May.  Yates will have a Humana representative call Karen and get the date and time set up.

Jana Gentry:  Janastarted out with a big huge thank you forsupporting the LibraryattheBuchanan Car Show and she said that she liked seeing the City well represented with city employees taking part in this event. Story Times is always at 2:00pm on Mondays and May 21, 2016 is the Spring Festival and the 5-K run.  The Library is offering a $50 dollar gift certificate to the person that creates the design for our 5-K t shirts this year.  Also, Saturday June 4th in Super Saturday Summer Reading Kick – Off this is a very important time for those little ones over the summer.  

Donnie Boswell:  Asks the Mayor to recognize Jana Gentry in being recently chose the Regional Customer Star Service Representative of the month for April.  Gentry said that she feels that she was given an award for doing her job.  It’s a nomination by employees for an employee whom they feel goes over and beyond their job.  It encourages good customer service skills and performance skills.  Our region is five counties strong: Haralson, Heard, Paulding, Carroll and Douglas Counties.  One representative is chosen monthly for this award and I’m honored to have been given this award.  Mayor Pope said that Jana cares about our children and does a great job with the library.

Mayor Pope:  Asks Keith Pike to discuss the donations that were taken under previous supervision.  Pike explained that under Tracy Lambert supervision that donations were taken to move the caboose but those funds were never used.  Pike asked the council to refund the money to all the ones that donated. Donations were as follows: Pioneer Ford $1000, Kimball Store $500, Subway $200, Blossman Gas $100, Atlanta Structural $1,000, MCL $300, Honda Lock $250.  Stanley Freeland was concerned that these donations were filed on their taxes and it may be in the best interest to offer the funds back first.  No vote will be needed since it wasn’t taken before the council to ask for the donations. All were in agreement to return the funds to each vender at this point.  Keith Pike said that he would not want to mislead anyone or misrepresent this city in no way.

Donnie Boswell:   Updated the Mayor and Council on his findings on the city parking lot.  Boswell wants permission to move forward with this project.  Boswell said about $27,000 is what the cost will be for surfacing, tare up, plants and columns out front. Boswell went on to say for about $11,000 the striping and repaving and signage could be done.  Boswell needs a vote to move forward for the rendering for $100-$200.  AJ Scott made a motion to move forward with the rendering.  Stanley Freeland seconds the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.  Boswell also said that the Buchanan Business Association will meet for the first time April 19th at 123 Van Wert St. at 5:30pm.  Thirty- four business have signed up already to participate in this program.  A new lease of a building on the square will be Sweet Meadow Farms and the Barber that moved out will relocate next to the S & R car lot in the other side of that building.      

Mayor Pope: Stated that he has a signed petition to make Park Heights St. a one-way from Moore St. to Courthouse Dr.  The Mayor said that everyone that lives on this street signed it but one person and she was blind and he had spoken with Mrs. Woods daughter and she will not fight it.  AJ Scott made a motion to move forward with the street change.  Stanley Freeland seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.

Old Business: Annexation of the Kimball property.  Andrew Roper said that he is waiting on paperwork to process and will be able to move forward in the next few weeks.

Departmental Updates:

Dean Tanner:  Had nothing to report

Chad Henderson:  Had nothing to report.

Karen King:  Gave the Mayor and Council a copy of the refund check for $1019.00 from the Berkley Insurance Company on the Drug Free Work Program.  Betty Harvell worked very hard on this for the city Mayor Pope said and tell he we appreciate it.

Adjourn:  Stanley Freeland made a motion to adjourn.  AJ Scott seconds the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.