City of Buchanan






February 18, 2014

Mayor:  Chase Croft 

Council Members:  Patricia Brown, Patty Hutcheson, Donald Rainey, Greg Lane.

Department Heads: City Clerk Karen King, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Tracy Lambert

Mayor Croft: called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Croft welcomed everyone.

Mayor Croft leads Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Croft asks for invocation.

Mayor Croft asks to accept the agenda for tonight.  Patricia Brown made motion to accept the agenda for tonight removing executive session.  Greg Lane seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.

Mayor Croft asks to accept the minutes from Council Meeting January 14, 2014 with correction.  Patty Hutcheson made a motion to accept the minutes from Council Meeting January14, 2014 with correction.   Patricia Brown seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.

Mayor Croft states the sign-up sheets for a few committees has been out front in the lobby for a month and people who signed up for the City Park Committee is (Kenny Hughes, Tracy Lambert, Shirley Pope, Greg Lane, Debbie Lane) and for the Public Information Committee is (Dr. Teila Davis, Patty Hutcheson) Mayor Croft asks if there is any discussion before we proceed with these committees.

Public Participation:

Michelle Robinson:

Michelle updates Mayor and council on findings in the City audit.

Jana Gentry: (Library)

Jana thanks City of Buchanan for equipment donations.  Jana explains computer training opportunities and programs upcoming to the library. 

New Business:

Mayor Croft asks for discussion with council on annexation of properties that belong to the County on Macedonia Church Road.

Mayor Croft states there have been statements made about zoning where the storage building is going but it is a R3 which will allow for Municipal use and the building store evidence for police department and that is Municipal.

Department Updates:

Mayor Croft asks for the department updates:

Public Works Director Dean Tanner:

Dean Tanner, Jason Robinson, and Max Payne will be attending class in Cartersville on March 7, 2014 on reports EPD are now going to require be filed online.  Will be having a finial meeting on CDBG grant upgrades hopefully the request for bids can go out in May and project can begin in June.  We faired the snow pretty well only had to get limbs from power lines and clean up rubbish but power did not stay out very long and did not have water line breakage. 

City Clerk Karen King:

Karen King states she has set it up with the bank to add the new Mayor Pro-Tem as a signer at the bank.  We now have a credit card machine and can accept payments on credit cards or debit cards for water and taxes.  We have a new home going up on Westmoreland she bought seven lots with it and the lake.  Business license are due to be purchased no later than March 1, 2014 and we still have some who have not purchased and would like to charge $10.00 late fee to the businesses that renew later than that.  Had phone system in back checked and got bid for new phone system and phones but system in back is clear and I will be asking for bids for just phones.  Been seeing children enjoying the park and that is wonderful to see Park needs to be named. 

Bobby Patterson for Police Chief Tracy Lambert:

All Bobby wanted to cover tonight was the storage building and it has already been covered.

Mayor Croft asks for a motion to adjourn.  Patricia Brown makes motion to adjourn.  Donald Rainey seconded motion.  Motion carried 4-0.