City of Buchanan




Minutes of Public Hearing and Called Council Meeting


June 21, 2016



Mayor:  Johnny Pope

Council Members: Patty Hutcheson, Stanley Freeland, AJ Scott, Greg Lane were present.   

Department Head: City Clerk Betty Harvell, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Chad Henderson.

Public Hearing:

Mayor Pope: Calls the hearing to order.  Says if you have any questions on the proposed budget numbers then please address them to Michelle Robinson.

Mayor and council discuss cuts and new ways the city is now trying to save money. 

Michelle Robinson explains the budget numbers as well as the inserted reserve to balance the budget.  From the looks of the preliminary reports from county assessor’s office, they have reassessed and it looks as if the new assessments will make taxes higher, will not be because of millage rate on their part or ours.

Mayor Pope asks if there are any more questions, there are no more questions.

Jana Gentry:  Thanks mayor and council for including the library in the budget.

Chad Henderson:  Does not have an update.

Adjourn:  Stanley Freeland made a motion to adjourn.  Stanley Freeland seconds the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.