City of Buchanan




Minutes of Public Hearing and Called Council Meeting


June 28, 2016



Mayor: Johnny Pope

Council Members: Patty Hutcheson, Stanley Freeland, AJ Scott, and Greg Lane were present.   

Department Head: City Clerk Betty Harvell, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Chad Henderson.

Mayor Pope: Calls the hearing to order. 

Public Hearing:

Mayor Pope: Asks for questions or comments.

Michelle Robinson explains budget numbers and answers questions.

Mayor Pope asked if there are any further questions there were no further questions and meeting went into ten-minute due to called meeting start time being 6:00 PM and it being ten-minutes till 6:00 PM.

End Public Hearing.

Called Meeting:

Mayor Pope:  Calls the meeting to order.  Asks Stanley Freeland to lead the invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Johnny Pope.

Mayor Pope:  Asks Betty Harvell to stand, mayor and council introduce Betty Harvell as the new City Clerk.

Mayor Pope:  Asks for a motion to approve the agenda with changes.   Patty Hutcheson made a motion to approve the agenda with changes.  Stanley Freeland seconds the vote.  Motion carried with 4-0.

Mayor Pope:  Asks for a motion to approve budget as proposed and set millage rate a5.453.  Patty Hutcheson made a motion to approve the budget as proposed and set millage rate at 5.453.  AJ Scott seconds the vote. Motion carried with 4-0.

Public Participation:

Mayor Pope ask for public input.

Terrell McBrayer hands out photos taken today of Greg Lane property and implores action be taken.  Lane Ayers, Kenny Hughes, Sara McIntire, Ricky Blackwelder, Shirley Pope, Debby Lane, Donnie Ridley, Jimmy Pope, Stanely Freeland, Johnny Pope, Patty Hutcheson, David Basil (Greg Lane, Attorney) all had comments on this issue.

Jana Gentry (Library):  Explains the library summer reading program has over one hundred and fifty signed up.  The car show is Saturday and hopes to see all come out to the concession area for some good food.

New Business:

Possible Removal of City Officer has been postponed to a later date because the City Attorney Andrew Roper is unavailable.

Departmental Updates:

Dean Tanner:  Does not have an update.

Chad Henderson:  Does not have an update.

Betty Harvell:  Asked if millage rate would have separate vote from budge and mayor and council state not that it was passed with the 2016-2017 budget.

Adjourn:  AJ Scott made a motion to adjourn.  Stanley Freeland seconds the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.