City of Buchanan





 July 28, 2009

 Members Present:            Mayor, Benjamin “Buster” Biggers
                                    Council Member, Debbie Johnson
                                    Council Member, Donna Johnson
                                    Council Member, Patricia Cook
                                    Public Works Director, Dean Tanner
                                    City Clerk, Karen King
 Others Present:
                                    Fred C. Hawkins, Rindt-McDuff Associates Inc., Engineer
                                    Jana Gentry     
                                    Assistant City Clerk, Betty Harvell
                                    Major, Paul Pike


Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers welcomed and thanked all visitors for attending the work session.  The purpose of the work session was to receive input from other community associates on topics of interest to them and to the Mayor and Council.  Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers opened the floor for discussion of issues.

 Discussions centered on the following topics: 

  • Fred C. Hawkins explains what his firm can do for the City of Buchanan
  • Fred C. Hawkins explains grants City of Buchanan could apply for
  • City Police Department will now have to transport juvenile detainees themselves
  • Alleyway behind Merle’s BBQ
  • Joe Kelly annexation
  • Jana Gentry asks for Library budget increase
  • 2009 – 2010 Proposed Budget
  • City Hall maintenance  

Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers once again thanked everyone for their participation and stated the City of Buchanan looks forward to working with them in 2009. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.