City of Buchanan




July 26, 2011 

Members Present:       Mayor, Benjamin “Buster” Biggers
                                    Council Member, Patricia Warren
                                    Council Member, Kenny Hughes
                                    Council Member, McKinley Pate
                                    City Clerk, Karen King
                                    Public Works Director Dean Tanner
                                    Filling in for Police Chief Tracy Lambert
                                  Captain Bobby Patterson

Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers welcomed and thanked all visitors for attending the work session.  The purpose of the work session was to receive input from other community associates on topics of interest to them and to the Mayor and Council.  Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers opened the floor for discussion of issues. 

Discussions centered on the following topics: 

  • Possible Resolution for Holley Village Apartments
  • Jason a Broker with Northwestern benefit corporation of Atlanta presents mayor and council with quotes from Aetna and Blue Cross but did not have the United Healthcare available at this time projects they could save the city money
  • Coda with Metro Atlanta Financial Group presents mayor and council with quotes from Aetna, Coventry, and Humana and states their quotes are different further states they had ran their quotes with other agencies just to make sure she is not sure why their quote is different than the other broker.  Greg Yates explains that there should be no way for one broker to get a different price than the other broker
  • City Clerk Karen King presents mayor and council with letter from a third broker McBrayer.  This letter states that the City of Buchanan should stay with current broker that the prices presented by Metro Atlanta Financial Group is fair
  •  Possible wellness program
  • Demolition of old building out behind dollar general
  • HCWA’s solution for water line purchase
  • Money saving ideas learned in training class
  • Fire truck
  • Budget adoption
  • Individual applications for insurance must be filled out
  • City wide yard sale August 6, 2011 

Mayor Benjamin “Buster” Biggers once again thanked everyone for their participation and stated the City of Buchanan looks forward to working with them in 2011.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.