City of Buchanan





March 25, 2014


Members Present:        Mayor, Chase Croft
                                    Council Member, Patricia Brown
                                    Council Member, Patty Hutcheson
                                    Council Member, Donald Rainey
                                    Council Member, Greg Lane
                                    City Clerk, Karen King
                                    Public Works Director Dean Tanner
                                    Police Chief Tracy Lambert
Mayor Chase Croft welcomed and thanked all visitors for attending the work session.  The purpose of the work session was to receive input from other community associates on topics of interest to them and to the Mayor and Council.  Mayor Chase Croft opened the floor for discussion of issues.

Discussions centered on the following topics:

  • Refurbish Boot Camp (City portion on SPLOST referendum)
  • Second reading of code codification ordinance for adoption
  • Park concrete bids
  • Caboose – paint was donated – waiting for weather to clear to start work
  • Amphitheater
  • VFW would like to annex rest of property into City
  • CDBG bids coming in the next month
  • USDA money that needs to be spent prior to receiving grants money
  • Sidewalks that need work because of water drainage
  • Water Authority Master Plan review
  • Water tanks
  • Generator Bids
  • Movie night
  • City Park feedback from patrons
  • Move forward with cleaning properties (Need for Code Enforcer)
  • Community Cleanup
  •  Insurance going out for bid
  • Emergency Assistance Programs
  • Proposed Budgets in three weeks

Mayor Chase Croft once again thanked everyone for their participation and stated the City of Buchanan looks forward to working with them in 2013. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.