City of Buchanan




AUGUST 11, 2015

Work Session      

Members Present:        Mayor, Chase Croft

Patty Hutcheson Council Member Donald Rainey Council Member

City Clerk, Karen King

Public Works Director, Dean Tanner

Police Chief, Chad Henderson

Mayor Chase Croft welcomed and thanked all visitors for attending the public hearing/work session. The purpose of the work session was to receive input from other community associates on topics of interest to them and to the Mayor and Council.  

Public Hearing

Mayor Croft opens public hearing on Budget proposal and states Millage rate for City of Buchanan will stay the same as last year.  Budget and Millage Rates were discussed.   Mayor Croft asks if there are further questions.  There are no other questions.

Work Session

Mayor Chase Croft opened the floor for discussion of issues.

Discussions centered on the following topics:


      Library Update         

      September 19th will be Fair on the Square

      Will be asking for bids to finish Amphitheater

      Update on LCD sign

      Disposal of current sign

      Security system


      Millage Rate

      Will have called meeting Thursday

      Advertising on Water Bills

      Public Hearings for upcoming issues

      Water Lines

      Water Fountain

      Movie on the Square

Mayor Chase Croft once again thanked everyone for their participation.