City of Buchanan




NOVEMBER 24, 2015

Work Session      


Members Present:        Mayor Chase Croft

Patty Hutcheson Council Member Donald Rainey Council Member

Greg Lane Council Member

AJ Scott Council Member

City Clerk Karen King

Public Works Director Dean Tanner

Police Chief Chad Henderson

Mayor Chase Croft welcomed and thanked all visitors for attending the work session. The purpose of the work session was to receive input from other community associates on topics of interest to them and to the Mayor and Council.  

Work Session

Mayor Chase Croft opened the floor for discussion of issues.

Discussions centered on the following topics:


      Bidding process

      North West Georgia Regional Commission five year plan

      Steering Committee for North West Georgia Regional Commission five year plan

      Open records fees

      USDA project

      Control panel went out at waste water building

      Dodge patrol car has issues that need to addressed it is in the shop

      Tag reader needs repair

      Training for voice analysis

Mayor Chase Croft once again thanked everyone for their participation.