City of Buchanan



Minutes of Work Session Meeting


March 29, 2016


Mayor:  Johnny Pope


Council Members:  Stanley Freeland, AJ Scott, Greg Lane and Patty Hutcheson.


Department Heads: City Clerk Karen King, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Chad Henderson and Main Street Representative Donnie Boswell.

 Mayor Pope: Calls the meeting order.  Asks Stanley Freeland to lead the invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Johnny Pope.

 Mayor Pope: Gave a brief update for Dean Tanner in his absence on the Sewer Plant upgrade and the streets that would be re-paved.  Pope said everything is moving forward at this time.  Lane Ayers asks which streets are to be re-paved?  The Mayor advised those streets are Carrollton St. and Weatherly St.

 Public Participation: 

 Rodney Kimball:  Addressed the Mayor and Council asking to annex into the city the two properties on the upper side of the Sunoco.  Kimball said that all of the property in concrete is already in the city.  Mayor Pope advised him that the City attorney is running late but will be here shortly to get this request in motion.    

 Marcie Health:  Heath took the employee census and shopped it to every carrier in the State of Georgia.  Heath said that she was aware that our current broker had mentioned an early renewal for us but she advised that an early renewal option will save money at first few months but will be hit with more cost and another renewal.  Heath said that she would not advise the Mayor and Council to do this.  Health gave out several insurance quotes with several different carriers and explained the difference in the providers.  Karen King is to send over the Humana policy and all benefits that the city is currently on to Marcie and a decision will be made by the regular meeting in May.

 Jimmy Pope:  Gave a letter to Greg Lane and said to Greg, “you have been served”.  He also gave a copy of the letter to Mayor Pope.  Jimmy Pope continued on to say the motor home is still sitting on his property and does not comply with the current zoning or meet the 10 foot setbacks in the zoning ordinance.   Lane states when the church built the Youth Center that a survey on this property was drew up.  Lane said that the motor home is legal that it has a tag, registration and insurance and is on his property.  Councilman Freeland asks if there is a dispute on where the motor home is sitting?  Lane says no that the motor home is not on his property.  Mayor Pope said that Greg Lane and Jimmy Pope both pay 50 – 50 on a new appraisal and solve this problem.   

Jimmy Pope advised that he only wants the downtown district need to be worked on together to correct.  Lane advised the motor home belongs to his father and him.  Lane insists that the motor home is not on Jimmy Popes property and that he will be filing a complaint with the court.  AJ Scott and Stanley Freeland are both in agreement that this issue needs to be resolved that it has been going on for too long as a city matter in the city meetings.  AJ Scott advised once again that the county needs to be the agency to handle this in order to avoid conflict of interest with the City.

 Dean Tanner:  Not Present.

 Chief Henderson: Has nothing to report today.

 Karen King:  Gave out bank balance sheets and SPLOST balance sheets to Mayor and Council.

 Donnie Boswell:  Advised that his first formal business was to meetwith Jessica Reynolds from DCA and talk about the program.  Boswell said that he discussed the city’s parking problems with her and Reynolds said that parking problems is one that the State loves to hear about. Reynolds made recommendation on meeting with the Manager from Downtown Designs Services and he would create and design a parking lot with 61 parking spaces to include handicapped parking.  Boswell has to fill out a design request which will cost $100.00 and or a more complex parking lot for $200.00.  Boswell asks the Mayor and Council to allow him to move forward with the parking lot.  If this parking lot can be tied in with offering more jobs downtown the parking lot may be eligible for a grant.  Boswell will talk with MCL about possibly tying this parking lot in with new hires for his business.  Fair on the Square is May 17, 2016, Car Show is Saturday April 02, 2016, Fried Pie Festival will be September 17, 2016.

 Mayor Pope:  Advised that the April Council Meeting will be at the new time of 6:00pm.

 Mayor Pope:  Adjourned the meeting.