City of Buchanan




Minutes of Work Session Meeting


May 31, 2016


Mayor:  Johnny Pope

Council Members Present:  Stanley Freeland, Greg Lane, AJ Scott, Patty Hutcheson were all present.  

Department Head:  City Clerk Karen King, Public Works Director Dean Tanner, Police Chief Chad Henderson. 

Mayor Pope:  Asks each council member to look over the budget that it will be votes on at the June 14, 2016 Regular Meeting.

Andrew Roper: Announced that the city received a request for Annexation by the Kimball’s, Yvonne, Roger, Rodney and Angie Hood on the 19.15 acres behind the Sunoco off Hwy 120 East.  They are 100% the owners of this property and the tax map 0074-0039A and B.  The city received the application several weeks ago and at that time a certified letter was sent to the Haralson County Commissioner’s office and at this time we have not received any objections and don’t plan on hearing anything negatively on it.  The council will be voting on this Annexation at a Public Hearing on the 14th of June.

Eric McDonald:  Gave an update on statistics from the Georgia Chamber on Demographics Profile for West Georgia/Haralson County.  In 2014, the population in Haralson County, Georgia was 28,854.  Between 2004 and 2014, the region’s population grew at an annual average rate of 0.3%.

The region has a civilian labor force of 12,738 with a participation rate of 56.9%.  Of the individuals 25-64 in Haralson County, Georgia 15.0% have a bachelor’s degree or higher which compares with 30.9% in the nation.   The educational attainment, ages 25-64 19.3% have no high school diploma, 38.7% are high school graduates.  As of 2016 the total employment for Haralson County was 7,341. 

McDonald talked a little about the Growth Haralson Plan and what it means to our community.  McDonald also told the mayor and council that he would like Buchanan to have a representative on this board and participate in the Grow Haralson Plan but the cost of this would be $10,000.  Mayor Pope thanked Eric McDonald and asked if there were any questions for McDonald.      

Kyle Williams:  Began by saying that he is withSync Global Telecom and thanks the Mayor for asking him to attend this meeting. Williams gives a brief update on the locations in the surrounding areas that Sync Global serves.  He would like to do a study on the cities needs as far as the phone system and internet to see if they can lower the cost while providing better service.  This study will take several weeks and at that time he will come back with a proposal.    Mayor Pope asks how soon they can come back with a cost and a plan and they advised that it would take several weeks and they would like for someone from the City to visit one of their locations to see how things are done.

Mayor Pope thanks Kyle Williams and the other representative for attending our meeting and said that he will be waiting to hear from him.

Departmental Updates:

Dean Tanner:   Mentioned that he met with the engineers last week and the City is still a little short on the money but I plan to meet with the contractors next week for possible contract signing.

Chad Henderson:  Had nothing to report.

Karen King:   Gave out a packet to council members on The Georgia Municipal Association’s 2017 Legislative Policies.

Donny Boswell:  BBA had another successful meeting again with about 12-14 business owners attending.  The business owners want to see better signage around downtown for the visitors something possibly like Tallapoosa’s signage.  The Parking lot is still a need and since it was donated to the city by the Development Authority I would like to see it completed. Boswell said, since we can’t tie it to a grant now to get it completed because of the lack of work force grant I would like to make a proposal.  I propose that the Mayor and Council will let Dean and I work together on this project and I am asking that the city officials allow me to raise 1/2 of the donations for this project and ask that the city pay for the other half.  Dean Tanner said that the parking lot is beyond repair. working on it at this point would be a waste of money. Tanner gave the Mayor and Council his opinion on what needed to be done with the parking lot and feels that nothing needs to be done at this time to wait until it can be done correctly.  Tanner said that the paving company that just finished the Carrollton Street project gave him a price of $24,000.  For this price a one-inch layer of Permaflex would be put on it, which is a base, and then a good topping and seal it 5-8 years down the road, that this is when you should seal paving.  Tanner also said that the problem with this parking lot is water drainage coming down the street from the bus garage.  Tanner said even with a new parking lot that the same thing will happen again over the years if the water isn’t directed away from the parking lot.  Boswell continued on with his update and said that the new business downtown, Sweet Meadows will hold the Coffee Connection sponsored by the Haralson County Chamber this Thursday morning from 8:00am and 9:00am so please come out and meet these new business owners and see their business.  Boswell said that he hopes to see the Mayor and Council come out to this event.

Mayor Pope announced the calendar for City business.  The next Regular Meeting will be on June 14, 2016 and Annexation Public Hearing the same night.  The monthly Buchanan Car Show is June 04, 2016 from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.  Pope said if nothing else this meeting is adjourned.